We’re going to South Korea!

YesNoKoreaUKOrdered the airline tickets today. Lee is a little nervous after watching the news of the missing plane in Malaysia.

We had planned on going to the UK around the Lake District, but after talking back and forth between the brothers, confirming the whole family is okay with us coming over… we’re comfortable enough to make the trip to Seoul. 

The entire family is excited to meet us and we are equally excited. I figured, now is the best time to go, and my birth parents aren’t getting any younger. My twin brother Ki Woon and his wife, are gracious enough to let us stay with them.

Another interesting note… We’ll be over there on our birthday. Although, Koreans calculate their age differently. Everyone is one year older on New Years. You are also automatically one year old when you’re born.

7 thoughts on “We’re going to South Korea!

  1. Hi Scott — I have known your mother, Susan, for 59 of my 65 years of life. We went to St. Philip’s together and also graduated from Upper Perkiomen in 1966. Recently, we connected again through emails and Classmates. com. I also know your Dad from Upper Perkiomen as well. Your story is fascinating to me and its similar to my life’s situation where I recently found out I have a “Blood Sister” whom I never met or knew about. I’ve been searching for over a year, and have come to a dead end as this child’s name was changed ten days after she was born. No paper trail and no court documents will be revealed to me as it is “believed” that she does not know she is adopted. She is now 68 years old. I’m so glad to hear you have found your birth family and are socializing with them now. That’s an achievement rarely attained when there are so many miles and mysteries involving foreign adoptions. I know your US Mother and Father are so proud of you. I’m going to check in once in a while and see how things are going for you. Best wishes, Scott … this is wonderful news for you and for your families. Sincerely, Rita Yurick Pietrobono Hiriak, Green Lane, PA


  2. I am your dads cousin, pat. The one who raises border colors!
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    A twin! How amazing!!!


  3. I find this so fascinating for you! Too I have friends currently in Seoul meeting their to be adopted son for first time. He was assigned to them at 6months old but is now 2yr. The gov. has pretty much done everything to completely slow down and eventually plan to halt foreign adoption of boys.


    • It’s good to hear from you Kathryn!

      I don’t know what it is today. It seems to take so long to get children adopted. My sister did a domestic adoption (oddly twins) and that was difficult.

      You can see that my parents started in March and got me that September. That seems insanely fast. Now, people have to do all this traveling… I think in China you have to provide gifts. It’s amazing anyone can last the process!

      I think Korea is becoming tougher on adoptions. It appears, special needs children will be the only kids you can adopt. I think there may be a population shift looming like Japan, where nobody is “hooking” up. Korea has low birth rates, and I think they want to try to keep “there” people “In house”.

      Do you know if your friends went to Korean Social Services (KSS) in Seoul? That’s unfortunate it took so long. I can’t imagine the shock for a 2 year old to end up in America. I wonder if they speak to them in English to prepare them for the trip.

      On a side note, I will be blogging during my trip. I also have some more info to post… just taking a breather… Writing my life synopsis… I feel like I just wrote a novel.


  4. I play golf with your Dad (Chuck) Really happy for you and it is amazing Please let us know how your trip was. Charlie Tchenor


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