My Twin’s Blog (Ki-Woon)

His blog is:

Yes… It’s in Korean. Outside of finding someone who speaks Korean, it appears there is no perfect way to translate the pages. If you have any suggestions, please… suggest.

This is what I did. First click on the “number” on the left side. This will show “all” the posts. You can then scroll through the articles. The bottom of the page has links to subsequent pages. I copied the entire text and then pasted the text into Google Translate. You can also try Bing’s Translator. From there, it’s not hard to determine what text goes with what pictures.

The translators are not perfect… but you’ll get the gist.

When I first looked through his blog, I thought, “Those price signs look like Costco’s price signs”. Sure enough, Korea has Costco. For those of you who are members, you’ll notice they have the same products.

3 thoughts on “My Twin’s Blog (Ki-Woon)

  1. I love that Ki-Woon shops at Costco. Just like you! Do you know why he blurs his face in all the photos?


  2. I’ll ask my girlfriend Pak, she’s from Korea


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