DaysofWineandRosesSomething I have learned from previous flight experience… don’t drink during a flight. It’s not like I become belligerent, but I do get sick. I’m a featherweight. It doesn’t take much to push me into buzzed… then sick territory… red wine in particular.

I get what’s called “Asian Flush”. Google it.

Once, on a Virgin Atlantic flight to England, I had one small bottle of red wine. Hell… it’s FREE! What did it do to me in-flight? First I got warm. Then I got nauseous, red-faced and hot. It was winter, so I had to remove layers of clothing. To make things worse… while burning hot, sweaty, red-faced and light-headed… my heart felt like it was going to burst into first class. Did I mention this was one small bottle? All I could do was sit and think to myself, “don’t throw up”. I wanted to lie on the ground, but I couldn’t. I’m stuck in — up…f’in, right, vertical position.

So… no free alcohol, on a plane, ever again!

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