DaysofWineandRosesSomething I have learned from previous flight experience… don’t drink during a flight. It’s not like I become belligerent, but I do get sick. I’m a featherweight. It doesn’t take much to push me into buzzed… then sick territory… red wine in particular.

I get what’s called “Asian Flush”. Google it. Continue reading

Body Heat

VetruvianManSince I’m paranoid of body scanners and their long-term effects, I opt for the pat-down. Millimeter wave scanner or backscatter machine… if they want to touch my junk for free, in front of “little Billy and Emily” going to Disney, let ’em. Okay… maybe people think I’m a terrorist because I’m standing off to the side. I don’t care. Continue reading

Nice to Meat You

I had sent a long email to the family, trying to describe the person I am. One of the nuggets of information I told them was, “I’m a vegetarian”. Ova-Lacto to be exact. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means I eat dairy and eggs. Nothing with a face or a mother. Definitely not seafood. I call shellfish, “Sea Bugs”. Shrimp are the cockroaches of the sea.

Ki-Woon (twin) replied to me stating he, “likes meat”.
“Why do you hate meat? There are many delicious meat dishes in Korea”.

I told him it would take too long to explain why… and it would. Continue reading

We’re going to South Korea!

YesNoKoreaUKOrdered the airline tickets today. Lee is a little nervous after watching the news of the missing plane in Malaysia.

We had planned on going to the UK around the Lake District, but after talking back and forth between the brothers, confirming the whole family is okay with us coming over… we’re comfortable enough to make the trip to Seoul.  Continue reading