KryptonI was going to use the title “The Man with Two Names”, but I like Superman… and Superman is the ultimate adoption success story.

When I first arrived in Korea, my birth family asked me what name I prefer. In emails, they had been using my name given at birth, “Kihoo”. Before I left, I was uncomfortable with the idea. I gave it some thought and decided… what does it really matter. If it makes the family happy, what do I care. So, like Superman is “Kal-El” to Kryptonians… I am “Ki-Hoo” on the planet Korea.

During the trip, when referring to me… Lee had started to call me Kihoo. I told her to knock it off. I am known, only as Kihoo, to Ko’ryptonians.

3 thoughts on “Ko’rypton

  1. I know it’s tuff, I hate to write too…but you are good at it…it made me laugh…thanks.


  2. is there a literal meaning in Korea for the name Kihoo?


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