Still Writing Day 1 of Our Trip

I am not a writer.

I make corporate videos for a living. I never considered writing a strong point of mine. In school, whenever I was asked to write a paper, I would always come up short on words and have to add filler… or not even write one at all.

Just for “Day One” alone… I’m already over 2400 words. I’m not even done writing “Day One”! I didn’t think I had that many thoughts or things to write about, but apparently… I do.

So… I’m breaking some of those thoughts into posts while I am still working on writing “Day One”.

I thought I’d let people know where I’m at. It’s very difficult for me, “living life” and doing this on the side… of which, I had previously stated, is not my strong point. That would be sleeping.

One thought on “Still Writing Day 1 of Our Trip

  1. We have something in common…sleeping.


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