Airline Seat Tip


Steak or Fish?

We picked our seats and our meals. It’s amazing how many food offerings there are. They got Hindi, Kosher, Muslim, Low Cal, Low Cholesterol, Bland, etc. We got Ova-Lacto Vegetarian going to Korea… and Asian (Indian) Vegetarian on the way back.

Now about those seats…

Personally, I like the “Exit Row”. You get extra legroom and if something happens… screw everyone else. I’m getting off that damn plane! Okay, I’m kidding… but I’m going to throw people off that plane like I’m stacking sand bags for a flood. Having said that, Lee does not like the exit row. So, with few seats left on the plane… how do I know which ones to pick? I know. The internet will tell me!

I found two sites. I’m sure there are others, but these are the ones I found. They give you basic information about the seats. Good, Average or Bad. High traffic, near bathroom, limited storage, etc.

Seat Guru:
Seat Expert:

We chose seats near the back of our 747, where the fuselage narrows and becomes 2 seats instead of 3. I read you get a bit extra space on the window side. This information came courtesy the website. I also don’t want to sit with anyone else. Granted, it will probably take us forever to get out of the plane and through customs, but all the seats remaining were in the back.

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