How Does it Feel?

Since we’re leaving for Korea soon… people have been asking me how I feel and how I’m going to feel when I meet the birth family. So… how I feel now….

Honestly, I’ve been fixated on our lawn. We’re going to be gone for quite a while and the grass has been growing very fast. I’m afraid the grass will be quite tall when we get back. Okay, so why is this a concern? I’m concerned because we own, what I call, an Amish mower. It’s a reel mower. A fancy reel mower, but a reel mower nonetheless. Bottom line… it’s tough to use on very tall grass.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is The Stanley Cup Playoffs. I’m going to miss a good chunk of the series. Hockey is the only sport I watch religiously. I skipped my high school graduation in ’94 for the finals… game 6, Rangers vs. Canucks. After our wedding, we left for the closest bar, to watch game 7 when the Penguins won The Cup in 2009.  And now… another life changing event… during the playoffs.

Okay… so grass… hockey… oh, and Howard Stern. Now, you probably either vomited in your mouth after reading that name or you suddenly feel the kinship of a superfan. I am the latter. I don’t miss a show and I’m hoping  the ones I will miss, will be available for streaming when I get back.

So, I’m not “feeling” anything at the moment. Maybe a little nervous if anything. It’s more thinking. When people speak to me about it, they seem more excited than I do. It’s not in my personality to get all super ecstatic. Ask my mens league hockey team. I don’t celebrate when I score a goal. To put it this way, if I won the lottery… I would not be jumping with joy. Although, I would be quite pleased.

As to, “how will I feel when I meet the birth family”? I have no idea. I look at it as an interesting experience. Perhaps, if I felt there was a void in my life and I had a different personality, I would feel differently. I don’t mean to downplay the gravity of the situation. I know this is a big deal.

That’s all I got. Not a great way to end this entry. I wish the Ducks would have finished off the Kings the other night. Now I’m going to miss what will probably be a great game 7.

3 thoughts on “How Does it Feel?

  1. Already mowed the grass this morning (5-19) & did the trimming. You owe me 50 minutes!


  2. Sometimes remaining calm is the best option. I hope your hockey wishes come true and that your birth family realizes how special you are to so many . Take care, and enjoy the trip. Life goes by way too quickly. Rita Hiriak


  3. Hey-Do you want Ray to bring our mower up and mow the lawn at least once until you get back?


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