My Story: The First 37

This American Family

Christmas 1976

I can’t speak for my parents on what it was like to raise a child that doesn’t look like them. They’d have to start their own blog about that. The only thing I can remember my mother mentioning was some family members made comments like, “He doesn’t look too Asian”. Now this may sound crazy people, but to give an example of the area and time we were in, my grandmother (Mother’s Mom) said she didn’t see a black person until she was 16. This is Pennsylvania Dutch Country. We outen the lights, red up our rooms and have to be careful out on the macadam when it’s spritzing.

We lived at Silo Lane with my grandmother for four years. My father worked for the Reading Railroad Company as a train dispatcher. Conrail absorbed the Reading Railroad and we moved to the Hershey, PA area. With perfect timing, we moved to our new house the week of the Three Mile Island incident. Three Mile Island is not far from Hershey.


From then on, I had a typical 80s childhood. Started ice hockey at age five… well maybe that’s a typical Canadian upbringing. But… I played baseball and soccer… learned archery and rifle target shooting… biked around, skateboarded and got into adventures with the neighborhood kids… fought with my older sister. I was obsessed with The Dukes of Hazzard and Transformers. Didn’t miss NBC’s Thursday night lineup – Cosby, Family Ties (watching now as I type this), Cheers and Night Court… too young to stay up for Hill Street Blues. I owned Garbage Pail Kids cards…coveted all things neon… owned knockoff “Jams”… wanted, but never received “parachute pants”. I probably wore too many Ocean Pacific, Rude Dog and T&C Surf t-shirts. It was the 80s!!!

If Mr. T says Be There… YOU BE THERE FOOL!!!

6 thoughts on “My Story: The First 37

  1. This is a beautiful story Scott. As the parent of an adopted son, I know the unanswered questions can be overwhelming at times. What a joy for your parents and your birth family to know you have some of those answers now.


  2. Scott,

    Just finished reading your entire story. It made for interesting reading indeed! I’m so happy for you to find your birth family! It’s amazing how much you and your twin brother resemble each other. I look forward to reading the updates.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Scott,

    I’m so happy for you and proud of you sharing. I am also more than proud of the man you have become and are still growing to be. You have come a long way and your talent speaks volumes. Now your voice is finally speaking even louder. I can’t wait to read more.

    Scottie Pitts


  4. I remember Charlie showing me the baby picture of you. It was sent to them from Korea. You hadn’t attuned here yet. It was during a “Kelly reunion” you were very cute and he was soooo proud!


  5. Scott,

    Unbelievable! Like right out of a story book. Can’t wait to read the next chapter. We’re so happy and excited for you!


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