My Story: The First 37

3 Months Later

First Day of Kindergarten

But it wasn’t 1 year later.

Midnight, February 18th, 2014

I was checking my email late at night, hoping to see a reply about a car part I requested. No reply. I see Korean fonts in my “inbox”.

한국사회봉사회-Korea Social Service,Inc.

Okay. They sent me an email. With no expectations, I click on the email.

On your request, we have tried to find your birth family and it is pleased to send you the good news that we have located your birth family.


I find myself a bit nervous preparing myself to read the next lines.

We would like to share the information on your placement to KSS for adoption first.   You were placed to KSS for adoption through the midwife’s clinic in Seoul where you were born.  According to the clinic, your birth parents had already three children and they had twin boys.  But their economic condition was so bad that the adoption for one of twins, you, was arranged.  You are the younger one of twins.  At the time we…


This doesn’t make any sense. How can I possibly be a twin? This never factored into any of my scenarios.

I continue to read the email at a fast pace. My brain stumbles over the words as I’m trying to comprehend everything in it. I read it over and over again. Am I reading this correctly. Is this true?

The email stated my adoption paperwork was written up as “abandoned” because they had no background information or documentary evidence. They said the birth parents were happy to hear I was searching for them and were sorry for my adoption. My birth father’s business had failed and the family was facing hardship. They gave me up for adoption for a “better future”. My name, “Ki-Hoo”, was given to me at birth.

Their children did not know about your adoption but this time your parents have shared your adoption with them

Whoa, that’s crazy! I start wondering what my birth siblings must have thought. I already knew I was a missing piece to a puzzle. How do you feel when your parents reveal a 37 year old secret? What went through my birth parents heads when they found out I was looking for them? I have to say, it was brave of them to fess up to the siblings.

The email continues telling me who everyone is in the family. I’m given the email address of my older brother. He wants me to contact him. At this point, it’s odd to me… to think I have an older brother. I’m used to my one sister. All of a sudden, I gained a whole new family.

6 thoughts on “My Story: The First 37

  1. This is a beautiful story Scott. As the parent of an adopted son, I know the unanswered questions can be overwhelming at times. What a joy for your parents and your birth family to know you have some of those answers now.


  2. Scott,

    Just finished reading your entire story. It made for interesting reading indeed! I’m so happy for you to find your birth family! It’s amazing how much you and your twin brother resemble each other. I look forward to reading the updates.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Scott,

    I’m so happy for you and proud of you sharing. I am also more than proud of the man you have become and are still growing to be. You have come a long way and your talent speaks volumes. Now your voice is finally speaking even louder. I can’t wait to read more.

    Scottie Pitts


  4. I remember Charlie showing me the baby picture of you. It was sent to them from Korea. You hadn’t attuned here yet. It was during a “Kelly reunion” you were very cute and he was soooo proud!


  5. Scott,

    Unbelievable! Like right out of a story book. Can’t wait to read the next chapter. We’re so happy and excited for you!


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